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Using S4 mixing and S4R recording headphones

»I had a pleasant experience from the first day since I started using OLLO AUDIO headphones, both models are very comfortable, especially to work for long hours without getting tired of them. They are uniform, natural and balanced. Currently the best headphones I've tried and that is why they are an indispensable tool in my studio.«

Douglas has produced and arranged songs for many artists, resulting in several of them internationally recognized in prestigious academies. Among the most important awards, it should be noted that Douglas has been nominated in the prestigious Mexican Academy of Arpa Awards on multiple occasions, starting in 2013, as an instrumentalist of the album “I Am Generation” of the band Generasion, also, in the year 2017 the same band receives its second nomination with the album "City of Light" as "Best Independent Group Album", an album in which Douglas participated as Producer and Arranger.
It is important to mention his outstanding participation as Producer and Arranger of the album “Change to the World” by singer-songwriter Kerwin Marquez in 2015, which was the winner of the category »Launch of the year« of harp awards. In 2012 he was nominated for the first time to Latin Grammy as Musician / Instrumentalist of the album "I Am Generasion" of the band Generasion in the category "Best Christian album in Spanish". Then, in 2016 he was again nominated for Latin Grammy, this time for his participation as Producer and Arranger of the album "City of Light" of the band Generasion in the category "Best Christian album in Spanish".
Douglas currently participates as Producer and Musical Director of the Christian music band “Montesanto”, with which he has managed to record and produce a studio version album entitled “Fire X God” and later the same LIVE version album entitled “Fire X God LIVE ”, obtaining the joy of being nominated in 2019 for the recognized“ Redemption ”awards held in New York City, in the following 2 categories“ Grouping of the Year ”and“ Revelation Artist of the Year”.