Professional Musician. Producer. Audio / Mix / Master Engineer.


“For years we have searched for a headphone monitoring solution in our studios. A way to be able to mix at home or on the go without disturbing the outside world or having to carry large bulky equipment with us. Finally, we have found a solution! The @olloaudio HPS S4 headphones - which sound as natural as they look. With a very true and flat response, they have a fairly accurate sound without the exaggeration of frequencies found in competitors' headphones. When combined with the BSE amplifier and pillow, you can get a feel for the low end without fatiguing your ears or making mix decisions by what you think you hear in the audio. The headphones are very breathable and comfortable, making them almost unnoticeable during long mix sessions. The search is finally over! When we were sent these units, we didn’t know what to expect, but after only a few minutes of testing them on an active mix, we were blown away. They revealed issues we had previously struggled with. We didn’t need to go the entire test period before accepting the endorsement and giving them a permanent home in our studio. I can’t say enough great things about @olloaudio and the amazing products they have created. Thank you very much - a true game changer!”

Whatcha McCallum studios - a full-service recording studio situated southeast, Edmonton, Alberta. We specialize in everything from producing to tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering for any medium you choose for release.

The facility is designed by years of research and design and caters to bands & artists of all genres from EDM & pop to hardcore & heavy metal.