Producer / Mix Engineer for Ngoni, Toniks, Michael Ross, Radio and Weasel, Jose Chameleon, IRYN Namubiru, etc (Uganda) Rhymers (Sudan), Ay, Lady Jaydee, Bushoke (Tanzania)



"These headphones opened another dimension of music production to me. The flat response is amazing and I really am able to hear details in the mix I wasn't before. And God the looking of the headphones is outstanding."


"As a composer, producer and mix engineer that predominantly works from home, the Ollo Play2Me system is a perfect addition to my setup. I can confidently do my full production without worrying about compromises that come with a headphone system. Once you calibrate it properly, you can just about accurately mix any stereo material. The sonic interpretation is accurate. For best results, use the provided headsets as they translate the frequency spectrum well and leave the bottom ranges for the pillow."