Recording/Mixing Engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

"I received the S4X Reference headphones set and there are a couple of highlights I'd like to point out, besides its modern and charming look. In fact, by testing them, I found out that the S4X headphones react very precisely to analyzing EQ test on the high range of the spectrum, delivering intelligible and clear frequency details at the same time low end is solid -a tiny accentuated around 100-200 Hz- but also with silky super lows. Therefore the overall performance of the S4X creates an overall very pleasant experience but at the same time keeping an attentive reference listening, a mandatory aspect in order to mix and master my clients’ projects."

Once Graduated with Honors in Contemporary Guitar and Audio Engineering at Musicians Institute (GIT and RIT departments) in Los Angeles, Kikko started working in the L.A. area with top-notch musicians -including guitar gods such as Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert personally- and with engineers such as Ken Allardyce, Jeff Peters and world-renowned legend Eddie Kramer.

He also worked at Steve Vai's historical Mothership Studio in Hollywood mainly for the Favored Nations label plus working as personal assistant engineer Vai himself for few years.

He has literally thousands of audio engineering teaching hours held at Musicians Institute (Los Angeles), SAE (Nashville), and Conservatory of Music (Italy) plus masterclasses/seminars held between Europe, South America, South Africa, and Asia, over private and franchising academies, conservatories of music and so on.
He consolidated his audio expertise by upgrading to mastering processing by studying privately with mastering top-notch engineer Friedemann Tischmeyer, in Hamburg, Germany.

He also toured many times as FOH engineer for Paul Gilbert - with Thomas Lang on drums - and he's been mixing different projects especially for the Asian market over the last 5 years.