Audio related teacher


Using S4X reference headphones

The OLLO S4X headset has proved to be a worthy workmate able to bring out every little nuance of the mix... Simply fantastic!"

I’m graduated from the Conservatory in Piano, Jazz Music and Music Applied to Images. Since the 80sI’ve carried out studies on computer science applied to music and live-electronics for multimedia productions developing my project studio with the use of computer systems (DAW). I participated in several internships including the most important at the RAI Phonology Center in Milan. I alternatedcompositional and executive activity with teaching activities by carrying out courses in ComputerScience Applied to Music at various educational institutions including the Conservatories of Ferrara andRovigo. FOH in many music festivals including Ravenna Festival 2007. I’ve always had great interest andattention to audio reproduced by Hi-Fi systems, analyzing the perceptual reaction of the human ear to the sounds and, consequently, the methods of listening in high fidelity. In 2009 the Court of Bolognanominated me “technical-legal consultant”. I currently teach in schools in the province of Ferrara and I carry out activities in seminars for multimedia teaching.