Sound Editor and Re-Recording mixer for Cinema


Using S4X reference headphones

"The S4X impressed me for their solid sincere response. It's the first time I've been using headphones without having all the problems you usually find when you have to mix without nearfield monitors. You can trust them and don't need to waste time focusing on details that are just useless in the final mix. All the frequency "palette" is there in front of you and you can work on it precisely. For me it's a very important tool to have, my mix must translate from Dolby Atmos to Stereo format, from a home cinema to a mobile phone. In this multi-platform scenario, the S4X are a real game-changer."

Francesco Lucarelli is a Sound Editor and Re-Recording mixer for Cinema and Series based in Madrid. Member of the studio La Bocina works in Spanish and Italian projects for Cinema and Series for platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Movistar+, Atresmedia Studios.