Geert Vandekerkhof
Audio engineer | Musician at Belgian Darkwave / Newwave band Der Klinke


"For over ten years I’ve been working on music in a professional way. Released 5 albums with Der Klinke, 2 with Story Off, 2 with Hidden in Treetops, the choice for the right studio monitors is crucial but often also very expensive. Having used lots of different speakers and amps, I’ve now come to what’s the perfect sound for me.. which are passive Wharfedale’s in front me, B&W’s behind me, on a classic 70’s high-end pre-amp and amp combination. But now with these studio mixing headphones of OLLO I have indeed the same detailed and honest sound on which I can rely to create a good and well balanced mix. As creativity mostly comes at night this is also the right headphone not to disturb anyone’s sleep and not having to change all the channels eq’s all over the next morning because you’ve used some standard headphones."