Gianni Vallino
Mastering engineer | Audio engineering lecturer | Location recording engineer [Marlene Kuntz, Skin, Hamster, Serena Foster, Scomegna Music Publishing, Emmanuel, Fernando Osorio, Blaxmyth, Giorgio Faletti, X.ARI, Mia Mormino etc]


Using S4R recording headphones

"OLLO headphones give me the closest to our studio monitoring system listening experience. They are the first that allow us to make the correct decisions with confidence without a double check."

After graduating at APM School in Saluzzo - Italy, Gianni Vallino starts his career as recording and mixing engineer at Beppe Crovella (Arti & Mestieri) studio, then he moves to REM Studio where he cooperate with some of the most renowned Italian producers like Emanuele Ruffinengo, Danilo Ballo, Roberto Maccagno, Lele Barlera in several productions for Italian and Latin markets, collecting important credits (G.Faletti, Emmanuel, F.Osorio, Buen Color...) and a Latin Grammy nomination.

In 2000, together with the singer Cinzia "CIX" Rosa, he opens the KARIBU Studio, where he works as producer, recording and mixing engineer and collecting successes through the most important Pop Music Festivals worldwide (Vina del Mar - Chile, Cerbul de Aur - Romania, Discovery - Bulgaria, Slavianskii Bazaar - Belarus, Eurofest - Macedonia, Songs of the world - Moldova...).

In the meantime he specializes in big orchestras and choirs location recordings developing, first and unique in Italy, a personal Hybrid Ambisonic system combining the classic stereo end close mikings with the Ambisonic technology using a custom phase correlating technique.

In 2013 he moves to New York to assist Vlado Meller, legendary mastering engineer, and learning from him all the secrets of the greatest production mastering.
Back in Italy he completely redesign the studio in order to take the mastering road, and fits it with the best technology at that purpose, with a special attention to the monitoring system.

Since 2014 his core business becomes the location recordings and studio post-productions and mastering, collecting credits among others like Skin, Marlene Kuntz, Hamster, Spiritual Front...and many songs included in soundtracks like "Lucifer", "Insatiable", "Tutto può succedere" etc...

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