Giovanni Virga
Producer, Mixer & Sound Designer from Italy


Using S4 mixing headphones

"The big difference I noticed when implementing the S4 in my workflow was the improvement in my mixing decisions outside of the studio. The short adaptation period was pretty straightforward and enjoyable. The headphone gives you confidence and clarity with its well-defined, punchy transient response. Its neutral 'nature' translates very well to my main monitors, making the 'on-road' experience much more dynamic. The purpose of this headphone is to give an honest sound with a well-controlled frequency tolerance, anywhere. Along with its build quality and impeccable design, this equipment becomes a handy tool for those who work with music. Looking forward to the amazing Ollo Audio development team!"

Hello, my name is Gio! I'm a Producer, Mixer & Sound Designer from Italy. My life has always been about music, especially mixing and sound design! I have always been interested to experiment Aand create sound layers. Music for me is art with a touch of sensitivity, being able to offer all kinds of sensations and emotions. I received a degree in Commercial Music after attending the University of the West of Scotland. I currently work as a freelancer, offering mixing and production services and also live shows as FOH and sound technician.