Composer, sound artist and performer of electronic music


Using S4X reference headphones

"I really love to be in touch with the Ollo’s guys. They’re properly cool and their customer care is outstanding. I have learnt a lot about new paradigms and new point of views on headphones manufactory because of you Ollo! I enjoy so much each time I get your YouTube channel because it is full of educational contents. You engage passion, research, business and love for the sound. I choose to support your projects because I feel too much close to the manufacturer than never before because you care the feedbacks of your customers.

I have got the S4X. I use them a lot when I compose and mix in binaural. I have been impressed with their vertical spaciousness. I mean, it is much easier to mentally track the spectral contents when sound objects are overlapped in the mix. When mixes are well done, I have a good time with the S4X. When I plot and check mixes that are not good enough, I immediately understand that they must go back and be reviewed.

At the very beginning when I started to use the S4X, I’ve expected the low-end to be a little more present but then I realized that this issue is the cue that allows to get more clarity in the overlapped mid and high-end frequencies. As time passed by, I became more familiar with my new S4X and I did not regret them at all."

Composer, sound artist and performer of electronic music and live electronics.Full-time Professor of Electronic Music Composition at Conservatory of Music “Claudio Monteverdi” (Bolzano, Italy). His artistic production is focused on sound spatialization, spectral morphing and sound synthesis. Master degree in “Electronic Music” at Conservatory of Music “Santa Cecilia” (Rome) with the highest honours and Degree in “Electronic Music” at the “University of Quilmes” (Buenos Aires, Argentina).