Using S4 mixing headphones

"I spend many hours a day working from my home studio, either tracking guitars or producing & being in the situation of working in an NYC apartment, my hours are limited with being able to use studio monitors. This forced me to work on headphones through the night and sometimes during the day if my wife is working from home. Having headphones that accurately reproduce what I would be hearing through monitors is crucial. This is where my S4's come in. Not only do they sound great and reproduce what I want to hear accurately but I can wear them for a prolonged period of time without ear fatigue. That's a big deal if you're working in an environment that forces you to wear headphones. I have tried a lot of different closed-back & open-back headphones and the OLLO's are by far the most accurate and comfortable out there! Just amazing!"

Ian Litovich was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico but is currently residing in NYC where he works as a session guitarist & producer. He has worked with Grammy Award Winning engineers, producers, and artists. Being a multi-instrumentalist Ian is able to play guitar, bass, slide guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, keyboards, and occasionally some background vocals. This has led him to play in a number of bands, touring through the US and also doing a wide number of studio sessions which led to producing & engineering for some of the same artists he did guitar work for. Having a wide background of musical styles he has been asked to play & produce on numerous albums and tracks with different artists from all over the world.