Audio mixing and mastering engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

"I knew OLLO headphones from many YouTube reviews. I was able to listen to S4 from a friend of mine then I spoke with Rok and got myself the new S4X Reference Headphones. It's really what I needed for my mixing and mastering when I can't use my main Kii Three Speakers especially now that I moved my studio at home due to isolation."

Born and raised in Greece, currently lives in London, Ilias is an award-winning producer, mix, and mastering engineer.

A keen musician himself he was a member of a few bands before starting his own band InPhaze. He understands the vision, the passion and the love that every musician and songwriter has for their music and collaborates with them in order to bring the best of each musical piece to life, without distorting the creator's vision. His main genre is Rock and Metal music but he also worked with other genres such as pop, country, soul, blues, and funk.

Ilias is a happy, funny, and a very easy going person to work with. He is very passionate about his work and the results he delivers and ensures that his clients are 100% happy before anything is released.

Ilias Gogakis Mixing & Mastering

Vowlume productions