Recording and mixing engineer, owner of J.N.R. Studio in Canovanas, Puerto Rico


Using S4X reference headphones

"As I work mostly recording and mixing, I need to trust what I’m hearing to make critical decisions. The Ollo S4X Reference headphones have really helped me nail down the best microphone choice and audio takes when recording. I’ve really been able to hear those little details that pop-up in recordings or when mixing. When mixing I’ve been able to hear a clear balance and space between the instruments and voices. I can easily pinpoint the areas where I need to pay more attention to make my client’s mixes flourish. I love the bass extension on these headphones clear and very detailed even in very low frequencies. I don’t normally mix on headphones but the S4X have really pushed me to try new things. I'm confident that when I have to leave the studio and record or mix elsewhere if I use these headphones the mixes will translate well to any other type of speaker. I can say with all honesty that my recordings and mixes have progressed thanks to the S4X Reference Headphones. Thank you Ollo Audio for such an amazing product."


Jeanmark Rodríguez is a professional recording and mixing engineer, owner of J.N.R. Studio in Canovanas, Puerto Rico. Graduated from Columbia Central University with an audio engineering degree. Throughout his 7-year career in the music industry, Jeanmark has worked on many productions throughout Puerto Rico and the United States. He has worked in all types of genres based on Christian Music but has had the privilege to work with other artists like Wilkins Vélez Ramírez and Rodolfo Nava Barrera and many more. He also worked in PlayBach Studio in Puerto Rico whose owners are, Grammy winners, Ramon Martinez and Carlos Velazquez. Jeanmark has been able to work with many known Christian artists here in Puerto Rico like Shammai, Almighty, Luis Armando, Jorge Vizcarrondo, Gaby Molina, Daffo, Eli el Mozart, Harold Velazquez, and many more. He has also worked in Special-K Kellogg’s TV commercials in Puerto Rico as a voiceover recording engineer.