Mixing engineer and music producer based in Sweden


"The Ollo S4 changed everything for me. Now I mix about 99% in
headphones. That makes it extremely flexible working in different
studios or even on the road. I could not be more satisfied."

I’m a mixing engineer and music producer based in Sweden. I’ve been working with music my whole life and never really done anything else. Through the years I’ve been doing a lot of live shows and quite a bit of touring as a sound engineer. Last few years I’ve focused more on studio work and nowadays I only do 2-3 live shows per month. I made a total makeover of my studio in early 2020. I upgraded my speakers to a 3 way system and made a massive improvement to the acoustic in the room. The new studio is better suited for attended sessions and as I lean more and more into mastering it was time to step up the listening environment outside the headphones. That said I still mix about 99% in headphones.

To me it doesn’t make sense to own a big studio. When I record music I can rent a studio that suits my needs for a day and then go back to my own studio for edits and mix. If I need a big console I can chose a studio with SSL or API or Neve or whatever. And if I just need a good sounding room I can bring my own gear and just rent the recording room, not the control room. And since I always have my Ollo headphones I don’t really need to adapt to different listening environments. To me that’s a great way of working and is super flexible for both me and my clients. All I need fits in a backpack. That said I’m always evolving and if you talk to me in a year from now I might own a big studio and argue it makes total sense.

My setup today looks like this. The heart of it all is a Dell Precision i9 laptop with a 40” external monitor. For extra processing power I have a UAD-2 Satellite octo. The DA converter is a RME ADI-2 DAC that combined with the Ollo S4 is a match made in heaven. I also have a pair of KRK vxt6 monitors with 2 KRK 10” subs. I mix a lot with physical control units. I have a Mackie MCU PRO with 2 extenders giving me 24 faders in 8 layers. Well actually infinite amount of layers but 8 with quick commands. In conjunction with the faders I also have a Softube console 1. Those units really help me mix fast.

When it comes to software I use Reaper as my main DAW. I mix 100% in the box unless the client for some reason insist of using analog gear. I use plugins from most companies but the ones that I really love are from Acustica Audio and UAD. I also use a solution that lets the client be a part of the session remotely. It’s a combination of screen sharing and audio streaming. So the client can sit anywhere in the world and watch and listen to what I’m doing with about 1-2 seconds delay. And of course comment in order to get real time adjustments. This system is not 100% perfect yet but it’s getting better all the time and is something I really think is the future of mixing.