recording, mixing engineer | Dope of sound


Using S4X reference headphones

"I decided to bite the bullet and get into OLLOs world because I wanted to be free to mix literary everywhere and having those mixes translated back to my studio monitors the right way was paramount. Even though I wasn't sure if S4X were up to the task, I immediately put them on test during the lockdown period in two mixes I was already working on. When I went back to the studio to listen to my mixes to our trusty Genelecs, I was simply blown away by the results. All the frequencies were faithfully represented and few to not at all changes were needed. Well done guys!!!"

Once a death metal drummer in the then newborn Greek metal scene of the late 80s and now with the complicated role of a Studio owner, recording/mixing engineer at "dope of sound"studio in the heart of Athens.


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