Music composer, producer | Ljubljana City Theatre


Using S4X reference headphones

"Being a film and theatre music composer, I've been using the Ollo audio recording headphones (2018 series) for 3 years now. I work with the headphones every day and I’m very much satisfied with the warm sound of the mid and high frequency range. The sound still lacks more definition, especially at the low end. Nevertheless, my mixes sound much better, since I’ve been mixing with the Ollo audio. Overall, I fully support the creators in developing the updates. The headphones are a great product I would gladly recommend to my colleagues."

Laren Polič Zdravič (SI), born in Ljubljana on the 11.1.1986, is a music composer of electronic and contemporary instrumental music. He composes music for theatre, dance theatre, film, art installations and other media. In 2020, he wrote and produced a gothic neo-classical rock musical "Turandot", which premiered in The City Theatre of Ljubljana.