Sound engineer specialized in audio post-production for (commercial) video [Audi, Kinepolis, Adobe etc.]


Using S4 mixing headphones

"The S4 mixing headphones have allowed me to quietly finish a job at home, while our little daughter sleeps in the room just above, and not having me worried about what the mix would sound like on speakers when I'd check it the next day. This means a great deal coming from other headphones that couldn't do the same for me.

The S4 nicely complement my home studio monitors, providing for that extra insight into what's happening at the low end of my mix, and a useful focus on the spatial aspect of my sound design work.

Not only do they sound great, they look absolutely great as well. As with all headphones however, I struggle to work long hours without noticing discomfort building up around my ears, but I'm afraid that will always be the case for me. While the design of the S4 is stylish, the metal headband resonating at an accidental touch could be an area for Ollo Audio to look into whilst working on their next model.

In all, the Ollo S4 has become a reliable part of my workflow, providing for extra insight in a mix, as well as a practical go-to whenever the circumstances don't allow for speaker monitoring."