Music producer


Using S4X reference headphones

"Having been testing the S4X headphones for almost a month now I must say that they are definitely something! Their frequency response is so accurate for mixing that in more than one occasion I had the unusual feeling of not wearing the headphones at all while working on a mix: after half an hour of use at medium-low volume they kind of "disappear". That caught me pleasantly unprepared! As I said their response is quite unique and now on top of my two sets of monitors (a pair of Event 2020 and a pair of old Studiospares I use for mid frequencies detail) I can now use the S4X as a third high fidelity mixing monitors being sure that they play back mixes with minimum discrepancy from what I perceive while using the monitors. And that's an achievement."

I started playing guitar at 8 years old and I co-founded the band “Foghenaist” (then “Mother of Pearl”) in 1994 and touring extensively in 1995 after winning the national Arezzo Wave contest. I signed a publishing deal with “Edizioni La Bionda” in 1996 and consequently he started recording new material with the band at Milan’s Logic Studio while simultaneously increasing my interest in the production process. In 1997 I moved to London, UK, with the same band which I was in until 2004, touring the UK (Cavern, Electric Ballroom, The Bedford, etc…), Ireland (Point Depot, Wheelans, Eamonn Doran’s, etc…), Italy (Cencio’s, Tunnel, etc…) and the U.S.A. (CBGB’s, The Chance Theatre, etc…) and recording two albums. Meanwhile, I initially worked as an MTV production assistant in London (in 1998) and then as a sound recordist and editor. Then I studied sound engineering (achieving an RSA Diploma) and started teaching it at the Islington Music Workshop and Alchemea School of Sound. I started my freelance work as an engineer in 2000 and since then I have worked as a sound engineer and session guitar player in several studios in London and abroad (Metropolis and Sphere Studios in London, SIF309 in Sofia and more).

I collaborated with composer Guy Farley, producer Nick Tauber (Marillion, Ten Years After), producer Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones, Peter Tosh, Peter Frampton, Marillion, Killing Joke and many more), Duran Duran and a long list of independent artists (Gary Dunne, 209, Guest, Fernando’s Kitchen among others) culminating with the mix and mastering of Tallulah Rendall’s debut album (Universal Distribution), produced by Marius De Vries in 2009. I recorded the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra in 2003 at the prestigious SIF 309 Studio in Sofia.

I moved back to Italy in 2010 and now I freelance for International Sound Studio, Conversano as well as my private "Think Ahead" studio in Taranto.