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"So, I get my Ollo S4 Headphones.

To be honest, first thing got my attention was the cool look they have. I love those wood cans. So I ordered  the S4 to give them a try. I´m kind of a headphones maniac... When they arrive the impression was phenomenal. Solid made, high quality cord... I Couldn´t wait to try them. I did, and I have to say they sound fabulous. My main headphones are the Sennheiser HD650, which I love, so I started to compare. Both headphones sounds great. Really!! To me, the sound of the HD650 is a little more plesant, maybe more "HI-FI"... but what I noticed is that the S4 sound more real, and, while I haven´t had enogh time to make intensive use of the OLLO S4, I see what I had mixed with them translate very good to other speakers/systems. They´re very equilibrated... not agressive mids, nor harsh highs, and a very good bass response. All very "true"

Also, they are very comfortables. You can use them in long periodes with out feel tired. So, now the OLLO S4 are my new "go to" headphones! I´m very happy to be part of the OLLO family.

I´m thinking now in get some S4R for recording... ;)"