music producer


using S4R recording headphones

"I bought the S4R because I needed to replace my brilliant but horribly uncomfortable Neumann NDH 20's. And the S4R's are equally great and miles more comfortable. I can wear them for hours not even noticing them. The quality is great through and through, but I wish there were an easier way to distinguish the left and right channels. Soundwise I find these great for production and recording. Flatness is a very subjective and deflated term, but I would describe these as balanced. Nothing feels hyped or recessed and the clarity is great throughout the spectrum."

Began playing guitar at a young age and always had a genuine interest in music. This was noticed by managers of local youth clubs where I was asked to DJ. DJing was so much fun it eventually turned into a full time job, playing various clubs in Stockholm. This was during the prime of the rave scene and about the time I came into contact with proper techno, trance and house. By the time the clubs replaced the 1200s for CDs I took a long hiatus from the music scene and only just started producing a couple of years ago.