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Using S4 mixing headphones

"Since I started mixing with these headphones, my work has changed, I finally manage to take care of all the details of my productions. OLLO headphones are an excellent product, they use only professional materials and are comfortable to wear for many hours of work. Finally my ears are not tired. I never needed to do an equalization correction with these headphones, what I hear is all true. I highly recommend the OLLO, they are the Maskot of the soundroom studio."

My name is Maurizio Pinna, known professionally as MIXWITHNORULES, and I am a sound engineer and producer living in Italy. I had the honor to start my professional carrier at the Musician Institute in Los Angeles. I had the chance to study with well-known sound engineers and producers like: Francis Buckley, David Lowery, Bryan Aponte, Edward Towner, William Thornton, Mikal Reid, Eric Mayron, Mike Binikos and Sylvia Massy . My training continued in Italy at Cat Sound recording studio of Badia Polesine in Verona, well-known for the greatest Italian artists that have worked there. My working experience and my credits are still growing today.

I work in Sardinia, at my own Recording studio Sound Room. I have been in this sector for over 20 years and I have done 150 productions in underground music and not only. I am the coordinator of “Legends Mix in Italy workshops” with big sound engineers. This year we had the honor to host Chris lord-Alge, Sylvia Massy, Mick Guzauski and not only.

Winner of the TELEFUNKEN Electroakustik CONSTEST 2011, for the best Mix. I am also an online teacher, you can find my video tutorial on my youtube channel and they are also presented by Musicoff, the biggest music community and most followed platform in Italy.