Masters degree in clarinet from Lund University | Runs a mixing studio | Teaches and work as a freelance musician.


Using S4 mixing headphones

"I use the s4 every day, and can honestly say that there is no headphone I have ever tried that I love this much! It's not the flattest headphones there is, but it doesn't matter because when I put them on I feel in total control over the sound. I can hear everything clearly, and I can be confident that my mix will translate well to the outside world. But the best bit, I must say, is that on top of sounding great, they feel amazing too! I can use these headphones for hours without ever being tired. Both the top of my head and my ears are still perfectly fine after many hours of use, and that is unique!"

A jack of all trades that is notoriously curious about everything. I compose, arrange, record and perform as often as I can, but my day job is teaching different kinds of instruments to all kinds of people. As an artist, and a classically trained clarinetist, I play bass clarinet mostly, but once in a while I sing a bit and play some piano, bass, ukulele, and saxophones too. ;)