Music producer, mixer [Trancepulse inc, Johane Savil, Solstar, Superflash, Soundphase]


using S4 mixing headphones

"The very first thought i got when listening with the Ollo Audio S4 headphones was: "wow, i mean WOW, of course...this is it, this is how it should sound and i don't even need a powerful headphone amp to drive these, the sound is really punchy, honest, the high and low end is top notch, it has the right amount of everything. I added a eq with flipped eq curve of the headphones measured eq results."

Music producer since 2001. The first release was in a complication album called "A trip in trance" and some more to follow after that. The main thing with this project is trance blended with other elements that gives this nice feel and beautiful sounds.