film composer | music producer


Piernicola graduated in cinema and visual arts at the International Academy of Arts and Sciences of Images. Here he studied film making and music for images, he also follow the teaching program of Vittorio Storaro in cinematography, focusing in all the film making process. Over the subsequent years Piernicola has always broadened his horizons through different music genres, ranging from electronic to orchestral. He has been composing several original scores for documentaries, advertising, shorts and feature movies for italian and foreign production companies and directors. He composed the original score for the indipendent feature film Dead in the water by Marc Buhmann, and Silk Trees by Jed Burdick, also the additional music for the turkish/American production For love and Honour. In italy he scored several Feature films as well, such as The love is not enough starring Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Islands with Asia Argento.

Piernicola produced and composed the original scores for several major Italian primetime tv series (There's something about love, Una Grande Famiglia, E'arrivata la felicità, Cinderella,etc ). He also composed the score for Chlorine by Lamberto Sanfelice (Sundance2015 and BerlinFilmFestival2015), Shashamane by Giulia Amati (BiographyFilmFestival2016), and the award winning docufilm Talien by Elia Mouatamid.

He scored the short film Another Love and Echo directed by Victor Perez working at Galaxy Studio (Belgium) and Skywalker Sound (Nicasio, CA) Piernicola is currently working on a new TV-series and running the electronic project BeWider, working in his own studio and publisher Wider Studio Music.