Sound engineer, producer


Using S4X reference headphones

"I’m blown away with the sound quality of my OLLO S4X headphones, how well they translate, and how they fit so comfortably. I have used several brands of headphones in my career and nothing beats my S4X. I really love them!"

Roberto Rincón is a Venezuelan sound engineer and producer based in Houston, Texas. Graduated from Full Sail University, his career has spanned 24 years with experience in both studio and live sound. Rincón has had the privilege of working with several prestigious artists, including Voz Veis, Franco de Vita, Chino and Nacho, Marcos Witt, Ana Gabriel, Thalles Roberto, Brian Courtney Wilson, Luis Enrique + C4 Trio, Ulises Hadjis, Miel San Marcos, Danilo Montero, San Luis, Nauta, The Glass among many others. His studio work has been awarded four Latin Grammys and received more than 16 nominations.