music producer


Using S4 mixing headphones

"Since I got my OLLO open-back headphones about a year ago I have used them every day when in the studio. Together with a gentle blend with Sonarworks Reference System I put my trust in these in every mixing decision I make. And I can tell that the differences in my mixes the last year versus a year ago have been very noticeable. The size of my every day working studio is only so big that I can work there myself. It's build so I can get good and dry vocal recordings. Look at it as a combined vocal booth and control room. Pretty close to my bedroom studio back in the days. Got two Genelec 8040As and a Genelec sub, but since the room is too quiet, I'd rather put on my OLLOs when I'm mixing. They're like your best friend, if you look like shit, they'll tell you. They never lie."

I have written, composed, and produced sound and music for TV, radio, children games (phones/tablets), and various bands and artists for about 15 years. In the beginning, I had a bedroom studio and worked with everyone who wanted to join me in making and recording music for fun. Started getting serious with concert bookings and today I live off of my music-making. Still pretty wide when it comes to genre and clients. At this moment I'm working on 5 albums, all from indigenous joik (traditional Sami singing technique) to pop and hip-hop to folk-rock. This together with a handful of projects for TV.