Musician, composer, producer, founder of the project Lucynine. MOTTO: I play noisy music, but also the noisiest noise must be heard at its best.


"I'm now working on the first full-lenght record by Lucynine (where I compose, play, record, mix and master all the instruments and have some featuring by other artists, mainly actors and singers). The genre is between extreme metal, hardcore and experimental. I released the first Lucynine EP in 2013 and it featured John Baggott (Robert Plant, Portishead, Massive Attack) and Luigi Giugno (Braindamage).

Your headphones are now essential to me, since I play and record all the noisiest instruments during the day and start editing and mixing them in the night, so I need reliable headphones as a reference, so that when I have to start working on the mix using my monitors I don't have to reset and restart everything.

The detail at any volume is awesome and unbelievable and I really can trust what I hear when I work with compression and eq. They're making me save a lot of time, really."