Using S4X reference headphones

"I own the Ollo S4X, and they have after a few weeks of working on them become my main mixing headphone. They needed some getting used to, as I came from headphones with a very different and more "nice" sound to it. The S4x'es has a slight boost around 200-300hz and no significant boost in the high frequencies, which I needed to accustom my ears to, but when having done that, I feel that I have a headphone that offers of depth and clarity to the placement of elements in a mix. The elements in a mix seem to stand out from each other, which helps you to hear what is needed from each specific sound. The S4X'es are comfortable to wear and seem to be of great built quality. The cable could be a bit longer as it accidentally has been torn out of the headphones a couple of times while wearing them."

The process as a whole is my focus when making music. My main working method is experimenting with how the different phases of creating music can work together and create a work that seem like it could’ve started from every angle. That is also my aim when working with other artists, to help them discover how a certain way of mixing can enable the composition to work in different ways, or how the lyrics and the production can shape each other. I am educated in Composition at RMC in Copenhagen and apart from working on my own projects and with artists I have a deep passion for composing for film. Working with pictures enables me to use my versatility as a way to approach the soundtrack from the angle of the story, which leads me to experiment in new ways.

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