Reasons to apply

  • Get 50% off on S4 or S4R's full price 
  • Get 30% off on play2me's full price
  • Get featured in our sponsored social media with links and tags to your profiles
  • Have an endorsement profile on our webpage reaching 20k+ audio professionals worldwide and connect with peers when you need them
  • Get access to Custom Development Team that can customize the products to your preferences 
  • Participate as an audio expert in our online show OLLO Life and get more exposure and more connections with your peers.
  • Get invited  as a beta tester of new products. 
  • Have a direct link to OLLO Audio's founder for support and feedback 

All we ask in return is your support by spreading the word about the OLLO products in a natural way for you. A minimum requirements are a PR picture, short statement and links to your pages, so we can create a profile for you on our webpage.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please apply using the form on the left. After reviewing your application we will contact you in a few days with our offer and proposals for collaboration.
Please apply now.

While you wait:

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When do I have to pay 50% of the product price?

Once you fill out the form and get verified by our staff we'll send you paypal invoice. After securing it, you'll receive a tracking number for the package. Please note that Play2Me has 30% off the RRP.

What if I don't like the product?

You have a 30 day money back guarantee. We'll refund you the moment you send the product back in original package and as new condition.

Can I order more than one item at 50% off in this endorsement deal?

Yes, we don't currently have a limit. You might consider getting a distribution deal if you're planning on purchasing more than 5 units of any product.

What do you want in exchange for endorsement price?

We ask for pictures from your studio, tagging us on your social media and a testimonial that we can share with our community. Optional, you can participate in our online series #OLLO Life. But we can talk about anything that feels natural to you. You'll work something out with our PR manager. If you're worried about this part of the deal, feel free to contact us upfront.

OLLO Audio endorsers