OLLO Audio Collaborates with Waves Audio, Integrating Waves Nx 3D Audio Technology

OLLO Audio Collaborates with Waves Audio, Integrating Waves Nx 3D Audio Technology
We’re all about flat sound. That’s what we research, prototype and offer in all our headphone models. Our solutions are based on acoustics and offer a flat sound out of the box with tighter tolerances than usually used in room calibration.

But we reached the limit on tuning headphones using acoustics alone. We explored and negotiated with many software companies. After quite a lot of energy (and money) spent on finding a suitable partner, we are really excited and proud to find one in Waves Audio. Their plugin roster is insane! Pioneers of audio plugins and still today a leading plugin creator. There’s simply no one better for this project.

The USC-Nx product is an upgrade for all our S4X and S5X series headphones that include a unit-specific calibration file and Wavex Nx license. The Nx can even be expanded with room emulation from Abbey Road, Germano (Hit Factory), Ocean Way or CLA Mix LA. This means you can have the most accurate sonics possible just by using headphones! You can make your best decisions about balance, stereo image and panning, mix depth, low-end response, reverb usage and more. Get reliable perspective as you cross-check your mixes in trustworthy acoustic reference environments, expertly tuned to ensure that your work sounds great on any system.

Trusted by tens of thousands of producers and mixing engineers, all Nx plugins are powered by Waves’ pioneering Nx technology for immersive spatial audio. Waves Nx uses channel crosstalk, inter-aural delays (ITD), filters (ILD), early reflections, and head motion tracking to replicate the immersive experience of hearing audio in the real world. All these are coupled with precision measurements of the actual studios, to deliver a faithful three-dimensional representation of the original acoustic experiences. Now available with perfectly tuned and calibrated OLLO Headphones. OLLO S4X and S5X are a staple in over 10.000 studios and creators' backpacks.

With USC and Waves Nx, the game is on. If it sounds right, you're right. If not, you're also right. That's the power of properly calibrated audio tools - Trust.

We got some negativity from the community for going with Waves as they switched to a subscription-based model a short while ago and made a mistake in presenting it. We’re human, they are also human and you are human too. Mistakes happen, usually when a team pushes the limits on the status quo. Their response was professional and 100% fixed the issue in a matter of days. We think this misstep is overshadowing how incredibly innovative and relevant they continue to be.

This collaboration brings together two companies that are dedicated to providing high-quality audio products that meet the needs of today’s audio professionals and creators alike. Whether you are mixing, mastering, producing, or enjoying music, the USC-Nx system will give you a realistic and reliable sound experience.