producer/recording/mixing engineer | Stevie Wonder, Usher, Tyrese, Jeezy, Ann Nesby, Carl Thomas, Chuck Harmony, ...

Using S4 mixing headphones

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What do these Superstar, Multi-Platinum selling, Grammy Nominated and Award Winning artist, songwriters and producers have in common? (Stevie Wonder, Usher, Tyrese, Jeezy, Ann Nesby, Carl Thomas, Chuck Harmony, Drumma Boi, Trillville, Twista Cherish, Chuck Harmony and Manuel Seal Jr. to name a few...) The LowEnd KingPin, Don Medina, They have all worked with him.

Don Medina aka The LowEnd Kingpin as been a relatively behind the scenes, in the shadows sort type of guy.. His experience and client base is literally a who's who. He's an elite hired gun when it come to all aspects music production, audio recording and mixing. He's literally one of the guys top producers call to reexamine their productions before the artist hears it.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL. Don Medina grew up immersed in the eclectic sound of the projects. He says that's where he got his flava from.."The Projects".. He started out as a dj at 14 just when the "Chicago House" music scene was peaking and from there on went full on with learning music production, engineering, musicianship and songwriting from legendary soul producers Willie Henderson, Latharo Lee, Leroy Hutson and Loren Taylor...