In this episode, we take a look at the S4R 2018 model, make a list of features that were well accepted by the community, and also the list that we are even more interested in - the list of things we have to change.

Do you know how S4R 2018 actually came to life? We had the S1, S2, S3, and S4 as the open back in the early days of OLLO audio. Once the S4 really took off, there were countless requests from you guys, to make a closed-back version of it, keeping the same sound signature after some iterations of the prototype.

The very first prototype that was built was actually sent to our ambassador, Chris Brown, a London based engineer. His input and feedback helped us make small incremental changes to the design that eventually led to the final product.

Designing a neutral sounding closed back, is kind of tricky and it's a big challenge. That was one of the core challenges on the S4R 2018 - minimizing the effect of a closed cabinet. With the S4R 2021, we are setting the following challenges - First, keep the upgradability there. So, you can upgrade from 2018 model to the 2021, both from the S4R model, and also from the S4 model, if you wish to do so, and even make it cross-gradable, with the S4X model in case you want to do that.

Secondly, do not allow the manufacturing costs to go as high, to affect the final price on the market. Again, keeping our promise of reasonable pricing at all times. Thirdly, update them with the pads and the headband, that the S4X received early in the 2020, and finally make them sound as close as possible to the S4X model. Making the transition from a recording scenario to a mixing scenario very seamless and pleasant. To extend this list even further, we leaned on our endorsers and the community in general and gathered their feedback.

Rafael S. Pirela


The balanced sound of the S4R allows me to focus on my production with less ear fatigue. With the Ollo S4R headphones, I work comfortably and confidently for long hours. When it’s time to share with collaborators, mix translation to their playback system is phenomenal and never leaves me making excuses. The midrange is pretty accurate.


I would love the model turned for mobile production-friendly making the headphone body foldable so they collapse into a pack. Add sound dampening for the steel headband to reduce resonance from knocks and bumps. Maintain acoustic seal on the ear pads but lighten the suction to ease frequent removal and reapplication with no fear of damaging the drivers. Improve Y-cable join bushing to ensure no bump with a desk border, it feels like I will tear them apart.

What are the chatacteristics
of your perfect recording headphones?

Balance. I need headphones with flat frequency response, linear across different volume levels without distortion when loud or loss of low-end when soft.

Mobility. I move between studios and locations to meet and work with artists so I need headphones that travel well, sturdy, and easy to fit in a pack.

Confident. I can sit down and make a song from composition to production, mixing, and mastering in order to bring full expression to the concept with no speaker monitors.

Pleasant. I make music because I love music. Enjoyable listening is a must!

I want to invite you into our development process of the new S4R headphones 2021. What that means is - when you sign up you submit your email over there, you will be notified about the very early birds. So, when we launch pre-orders, you will be the first one to get  them at special price. And also, you will be invited to participate in the development process, meaning - giving feedback, ideas, concerns.

You will actually help us design a great product for you.

Join us!