Multi-Platinum, mixer, engineer, composer, and educator. [Lang Lang, 2Cellos, Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect, John Wick, Despicable Me 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks..]

"The Ollo S4 X has completely revolutionized the way I listen to the sonic arrangement of a song. It’s like having a sonic microscope. The level of detail and depth they get is astonishing. For the very first time in my life, mixing with headphones is possible. With zero coloration, I can listen to every single sonic detail of a song. Listening is a conscious mental process, and it starts with establishing attention to a sound which means working with the right tool for the job constantly analyzing what I hear to assess a mix. As a professional mixer, I do not have better hearing than others but I can focus on sounds and analyze them among various qualities. So far, I have only been using headphones as the last step to check my mixes to spot any problems at a micro-level. But I would never use headphones to mix or master a song from start to finish.

The Ollo S4 X has changed the name of the game! They are my sonic reference point, my secret swiss army knife. I can now travel around the world, and no matter where I will be mixing, as long I have my S4x with me, I can be confident that all mixes will always translate at 100%."



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