London Grammar, Bryan Adams, Jeff Lynne

"I really love my S4’s. I know that when I am in a new room and I have any doubts I can put them on and trust what I am listening to! They are super comfortable to wear for long periods and cause hardly any fatigue. They were a great find and I highly recommend them."

After living in LA and working at the American Music Awards and the GRAMMYs, I moved to London in late 2011 and then back home to Portugal in the summer 2018. Since then I have worked as a freelance engineer and producer with artists on both sides of the Atlantic and India.

Credits include: Bryan Adams, Procol Harum, KT Tunstall, Pete Brown and Phil Ryan, Curved Air, London Grammar, Elisa, Rita Redshoes, Tainá, Diana Castro.

My Ollo headphones were a life-saver during the pandemic. I had to mix under hard conditions and it was great to know I could trust my monitoring!