Immersive mixing in stereo using Dear VR Pro 2 only

Immersive mixing in stereo using Dear VR Pro 2 only

OLLO Audio makes the S5X spatial mixing headphones for immersive mixing in Dolby Atmos, Sony 360, Auro3D and of course for stereo mixing with binaural spatializers like the Dear VR PRO 2.


The new plugin by Dear Reality was released in late January 2024 and OLLO Audio's CEO, Rok Gulič put it to the test.

This review of the plugin Dear VR Pro 2 has the following parts:
1. Plugin creator claims and features
2. Reaction by the OLLO Audio CEO in real-time to UI and features
3. Commentary and review of the Dear VR PRO 2
4. Listening / Sound test for you to experience. Ideally, use the S5X headphones but will work well on any pair of headphones.

PRO: Rather small in size, super easy to understand the interface, a ton of output options including new Pro Tools 9.0.6, can be used as a reverb only, can be used as immersive panner only - integrates directly with DAWs, so Dolby for example, will be able to export positions in Atmos format, Head trackers support, separate Reverb and Reflections control.
CONS: There is an overlap with many panners that are natively included with DAWs supporting immersive mixing. A beginner might have a hard time deciding when to use it. For monitoring purposes, it overlaps with the Dear VR Monitor plugin as rooms are also simulated there. (not really a problem)

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