OLLO Audio ltd offer 5 year limited warranty to S4X model of headphones and to all upgrades to S4X model. For the first year OLLO Audio offers a full warranty where the only exception is the cable. We cover all the costs of repair and shipping costs both ways. Excluded are custom duties. Depending on your location there might be a way to void these as well. For the subsequent years OLLO Audio offer a limited warranty, covering repair costs and excluding shipping costs. For those who wish to save on shipping we offer a DIY repair kit with guidance from our engineers via skype or similar online communication services.

How to file a warranty claim?

Fill out the form with Help Desk. Get your invoices ready. After you submit a claim we'll contact you with further information. Normally we'll respond in 48 hrs.

Can I get a refund?

In the trial period of 30 days we offer a full purchase refund. Explained in details here.


Mobile: +386 40 835 099