When do I receive a proper invoice after I place my order?

You’ll get an original invoice once in the package with the headphones. Invoice will be issued to the shipping address that you have provided with your order unless you ticked the option for a separate billing address and entered it. If amendments are required, reach out to


I cannot log into my account on your website to complete the order.

Please write us a message through our help desk, and we’ll send you a reactivation email to access your account. Alternatively, you can try clicking the “Forgot?” link and follow the instructions provided on the account webpage.


I have an EU registered VAT number, and I’d like to have the VAT deducted from the invoice. How do I do this?

Simply place your order and enter your VAT number into the order notes field in the cart - before entering the checkout. The VAT will be deducted from your invoice and refunded after the purchase. If you experience any problems when placing your order, please contact us through our help desk, chat support or phone. We can process your VAT-free order manually too.


My country is not on the list of shipping destinations.

We have to manually check the shipping destinations that are not on the list due to potentially higher costs. Please write us your address so that we can check the shipping options for you. If the shipping is possible to the destination, please double check your import costs for your destination based on the price of the headphones. Refer to your local customs office.


Do you offer any discounts?

We believe in fair pricing all year long, so there’s not much room for the discounts here at OLLO audio. However, we’re aware that being at the beginning of the audio profession can be hard, so we have an option to support all the audio-related students and teachers with a 25% discount on our headphones. To get the discount, please reach out to us with your student or teacher ID, so we can check your inquiry and grant you the discount.


How do you store my personal information?

Your data is on secured servers that run SAAS (Software as a service) that we use. Webstore is hosted by Shopify ltd. Our internal CRM is hosted by Hubspot ltd. If you wish for detailed information, check our privacy policy or reach out to



What’s the difference between the DHL express shipping and the standard shipping option?

DHL Express shipping is faster (usually 2-3 days in Europe and 3-5 days in the USA) and costs a bit more. The standard shipping options take up to 30 days to arrive at the destination. This depends on the destination and local courier services. This is the reason it is a cheaper option, but both options are reliable.

When will my headphones arrive? (Tracking number)

After your order is processed, you will receive a tracking number to see your package’s status. You can access the tracking number through your order status page, which you’ve received as an email. In case headphones take longer than expected to arrive (2-3 days in Europe and 5-7 days in the USA once the headphones leave our offices for the DHL service, and up to 30 days for standard shipping), please let us know so that we can inspect your order. Send us your order number.

What happens if my package gets lost?

First, we check with the carrier for detailed information and only when the carrier confirms a lost package, we proceed with reimbursement or a second unit.

Duties for non-EU, UK, USA destinations

Import duties may apply if your shipping destination is not in the EU, UK or USA. Please double check your import costs with your local customs officers. We do not cover any duties or levies and are also non-refundable in case of returns.


90 days trial period

What does a 90 days trial period mean?

We know it's challenging to make a decision based on tech specs and reviews. The only proper way to know if any of our products are appropriate for you is to give them a try. If you don't like what you hear, we offer a 90-day return policy with no extra costs (duties and shipping are excluded).

90 days money back is available on all purchases, whether you buy with an instalment plan or in one lump sum payment.


When does the trial period start?

The trial period of 90 days starts from the day you receive the headphones.


What is the return process after the trial?

1. Pack the product in its original packaging for safe return.
2. Inside the package, write your order No. or Invoice No. for identification purposes. If you do not have an order or invoice No., you probably bought the product through one of our resellers (or a gift), and you need to return the item to them. They will give you detailed information on how to proceed.
3. Send the package back to us using any carrier you wish. We suggest you make sure that you get the tracking number for the package as a lost package will cancel the refund process.
4. Once received, our engineers perform an inspection of returned items.
5. We issue a refund (or cancel instalments if you bought in instalment plan with PayPal) of your purchase, excluding any duties and shipping costs.
6. Return date is considered to be the date when your currier took over the package from you.
7. We are human. A few days over a 90 days trial period will hurt no one.
If you need further assistance, please reply to this email or reach out to us through the help desk.


To: OLLO Audio d.o.o.

Street: Mednarodni prehod 6

ZIP: 5290

Town: Sempeter pri Gorici

Country: Slovenia, EU

What happens if the headphones get damaged during the testing period or if I lose some of the accessories? Can I still return them?

If any items are missing or damaged, or if the return is initiated outside the 90 day period, we reserve the right to deduct an appropriate restocking fee from your refund. Restocking fees are typically between 5 and 15% but may be equal to the costs associated with any repairs/replacements needed.

How do I pack the product for shipping?

To be entitled to a refund (excluding duties and shipping back costs), you need to safely pack the headphones in original packaging with all the accessories (pouch bag and cable).


I ordered at Amazon. I wish to return; how do I do that?

Please contact us at or through the help desk. 


Resellers/distributors returns and Amazon

If you placed your order with any of our resellers and wish to return it, please contact them directly. They have their own return policies that could be different from ours. 



Is cable in a warranty?

Cable warranty is limited to three months from delivery date (permanently installed, pluggable or as accessories). Due to their nature, cables have strong exposure to wear and tear factor, which depends explicitly on the user’s intensity of use and mechanical load.

Is the warranty transferable to another person?

Warranty is transferable to the second user if the original purchase receipt is presented with the warranty claim. If OLLO Audio repairs the product, exchanges parts or replaces the product, then the guarantee claim for the defect in question or the replaced product is valid for the remaining duration of the original guarantee period.


5-year limited warranty.

OLLO Audio ltd offers a 5-year limited warranty to the S-series headphones and upgrades to the newer models. For the first two years, OLLO Audio provides a limited guarantee as directed with EU directive 1999/44/EC. This limited guarantee is valid worldwide in all countries in which, in each respective case, the national laws do not conflict with these guarantee terms.

More on the 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY you can read in the warranty section.