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Frequently asked questions

We know it's difficult to make a decision simply based on tech specs and reviews. The only true way to know if any of our products are for you is to give thema try. If you don't like what you hear, we offer a 30-day return policy with no extra costs. You are responsible for return freight to OLLO Audio using a shipping method with tracking information. Keep in mind we don't refund shipping costs or import duties/taxes. If you decide to return any of our products, contact us at before the end of the 30-day period after delivery.

30 days money back is available in all purchases. Instalment plans and one sum payments.

Yes and no. If it does not work of out the box than yes, by all means. If it stops working after a few months than no. If you're absolutely sure there was no misuse you can ship it back in warranty claim and we'll inspect it. Our engineers can see if it's a manufacturing fault or physically torn cable.

We match all speakers before they are installed and then we measure response for both channels. It does happen from time to time that the response changes after they are played for a few weeks. If that's the case you're entitled to warranty repair.

Yes, they are designed to fit as many scenarios as possible. With 32 ohm impedance you can drive them quite loud with smart devices.

It's good if you do but not many people actually hear the difference. In case you wish to do that you can play a sine wave or square at about 80Hz with moderate volume for an hour or so. Alternatively you can just play music for a few days.

Please contact our support for help. We'll connect with you over skype to guide you and make sure you can keep your warranty intact.

Yes, let us know your transaction ID that you'll find in your PayPal account.

First year the s4x model has full warranty. 2-5 yr we offer limited warranty. For the first year we cover all shipping costs (but not custom duties - importing back to EU and shipping out again can be costly, please contact us) for subsequent years we cover all repiar costs but no shipping or duties costs. We'll offer a self repair kit with online support from our engineers. Cable is not in warranty, other parts are as long as the headphones are properly used. Refer to your manual.