Hi everyone!

The summer has given us the chance to update our facilities, and dedicate our resources into developing more great products for you guys. Step number one, killing the S4 and S4R 2018 models.

S4 mixing headphones

Why we discontinue older models?

You might be wondering why we've discontinued two of the core models that actually made OLLO a reality?! Well, we listen to your feedback and whenever we can, we implement changes, make upgrades and launch them in new versions of our S series headphones.

Every time, we have a better target to go after, we do it. Yes, it takes time, it takes resources and the final result is not always guaranteed. But we keep pushing.

Our flagship product at the moment is the S4X reference headphones model. Many of you are wondering if the closed one is coming, and the answer is yes. We are working on it and are planning to have it released in 2021. Exact date is still unknown. But for sure, we’ll update you about the process on social media and in the email newsletters.

We believe that it makes very little sense to keep older versions in the production when the newer ones are a big step closer to our target. A remarkably accurate reference headphones.

What does that mean if I now own the older models?

The spare parts will be available to you for at least 2 years, and the upgrades to the S4X model are available again for the EU customers right now.

S4 mixing headphones and g.r.a.s.


How can you get involved in the R&D?

We love to base our research on feedback from users as opposed to our own ideas. So you can leave your feedback and ideas on our social media channels, through help desk or simply shoot us an email to

If you are our endorser you’ll get a chance to be a beta tester. We call that group the Special 25. Every time we release something new, we invite 25 of our closest endorsers to get a very early preview and help us finalize the product.

One more thing!

Holiday season is here and the same as before, we believe in fair prices all year long. Black Friday is just a Friday, here at OLLO.

Stay safe, stay home, stay productive!