I was working as a COO in a local IT agency when I had enough. The constant pressure of being in the middle between the CEO, employees, and clients left a mark in my life. I decided I never want to be in a place where I feel powerless again.

Basically saying I want to do things according to my own values and believes. I quit my job and started working in Primorski Technology Park's coworking space. I got incubated so I had a chance to work with mentors and get my own desk for free.

First offices in Primorski Technology Park

Here I was working on very first prototypes, basically learning the craft of headphones acoustics design. All the manufacturing was still happening in my dad's garage.

Once the demand reached a point when I could no longer do things from the garage I moved out of PTP and rented a space where I could have an office area, development space, and a small manufacturing line.

Old offices before right before the move

We were forced out of that space by the landlord in the middle of the corona situation. I was worried and looking for a new place on such short notice was simply an insane task. When I reach to PTP for help, they went far and beyond to accommodate OLLO.

Rok Gulič and Tanja Kožuh (CEO of Primorska Technology Park)

So now we're back at PTP where it all started, I guess. To tell you the truth, this feels like home. Couldn't be happier with how it all turned out!

If you're interested in how we moved and how it all looks now, check the video below.

To the new adventures!

Rok Gulič, CEO

OLLO Audio