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More and more budding music artists are deciding to set up their own home music studios. And, why not? For the cost of renting professional space a few times, you could invest in your own studio that you can use any and every time you’re feeling inspired. You can record music conveniently in your own space. This is the perfect setup for many among us, and it won’t cost a fortune if you set it up carefully.

We have some helpful advice about how to choose a room and convert it into the studio of your dreams (within your budget) and a superb outlet for your creativity.
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It is important for a musician to be able to look away from the trends and be innovative. I believe an industry where copycats flourish could lead to the stagnation of that industry.
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Using headphones in music therapy
Author: Stefano Ianne Music therapy is a wide term, combining different aspects of music in relation with neurophysiology. With a group of professionals from different areas, I've combined my expertise as a composer with new possibilities that technology offers us, to create...
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OLLO Chat is a series of interviews that offers insight in the musical journey of our ambassadors and endorsers, advice to thrive in the music business, insights in the world of professional music production and much more. To see all...
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