In the last vlog we talked about the process we undertake here at OLLO when we design new products.

This one focuses on the first part of the process, customer development. We listened and sorted feedback into two buckets. The good stuff and the bad stuff.

The good stuff

  • Natural sound
  • Serviceability
  • Comfort
  • Individual measurements
  • Build quality

The bad stuff

  • Bigger ear pads
  • Better paint job
  • L and R side should be more visible
  • A dip at about 8-9kHz
  • Headband rings
  • Could be more reference oriented response

This was a starting point in the process of developing the new S4X reference headphones. Gathering feedback from many of our endorsers showed the need in the industry for a true balanced headphones, more balanced than many project and home studios are. A tool that can help engineers deliver A level results when they are not in a world class studio for whatever reason. After researching what the ideal response would be, OLLO dived deep into Harman target curves, IEC standards and what our competitors consider flat. Yes even the software solutions. A summary of our findings you can find here.

We learned that so many engineers consider HD650 to be almost perfect with exception of being shy in the low end. We focused on developing frequency response that would be similar to 650's but with a touch more low end. So the S4X are designed to fulfill the need for reference monitoring in smaller studios and working on the go or from home.

Learn all about them here.