We believe good design is not just about what meets the eye. It's how a product is manufactured and employees treated. How materials are sourced and their environmental impact. The user experience must be flawless from the purchase to after service.

Sustainability is one of our core values that was brought to life when I was designing the very first headphones in my dad’s garage. Using simple tools and techniques resolved into a simple and serviceable design, laying the foundation to offer upgrades on all our legacy products.

"We believe there is always another way of doing things. Challenging what is considered standard, exploring what is considered explored whilst maintaining integrity, responsibility and quality. This is what makes us tick."

With the S4X model, all our customers were invited to upgrade from the past models for a fraction of the cost. There are very few companies that can offer something like that. At the same time, that design approach makes them a professional tool, not a toy. Needed to be, you can fix them with a swiss army knife and a few clicks in our spare parts store.

The S4X is our flagship model, built right here - on the edge of the Alps.

We focused on:

• serviceability with using home tools;
• sustainably sourced materials, no animal products, and very few plastic components. Extending this to packaging as well;
• upgradable from legacy products;
• world-class sound reproduction with what you hear is what you get approach, which similar to a calibrated monitor showing a designer true colors;
• giving them a 5-year warranty is a testament to our high-quality standards.

With being an audio engineer myself I understand how important it is to have a maximum bang for the buck. Keeping them at a reasonable price is a promise we’ve made, with no intention of ever breaking it.

Having a clear design philosophy, values, and beliefs is all nice and good, but in reality, it comes down to your experience with the brand. Your experience with the product and the after services. And that's the area, where we really want to excel, now and in the future. So, you're more than welcome to share your feedback with us. Tell us what we do good and what we do bad, where we can improve, and we'll appreciate that very very much.

Until the next time!