S4R 1.3 recording and podcasting

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Unit Specific Calibration file and plugin are included with your purchase. With USC they are calibrated to ~1dB tolerance to the respective target curve (spatial or stereo). The plugin runs on PC and Mac with AU or VST3 supported DAW. (CuBase, Reaper, Studio One, Ableton, Nuendo, Mixbus, etc.)

You can also integrate USC directly with room emulations by Waves Audio and head tracking or run it in a daisy-chain. Available studios include Abbey Road, Ocean Way, Germano-Hit Factory and CLA Mix LA.

To learn more about the calibration, click here.

calibration for studio headphones

Hear your performance as it is

Your recording headphones are the first touch with your performance. All the details must be preserved and nothing should be exaggerated. That's what the S4R are all about. Now further improved with USC calibration in 1.3 version.

sound seal acoustics ™

With 100% separation of front and back earcup cavity, these headphones deliver uncompromised frequency and transient response with minimal sound leakage. No more click bleed in to your recordings.


Studio environment can be very demanding to headphones' wear and tear. Cable tripping, accidental drops and plugging them into wrong outputs demands extreme built quality. Our 5 year limited warranty program is a testament of dedication to high quality.

Wear them for hours straight, no discomfort

Self-adjusting strap with weight distribution enables long sessions without headaches caused by single pressure points. The earpads are soft velour-pleather hybrid and disperse heat well. Sweaty ears are a thing of the past.


Absolutely LOVE the S4R! A major leap forward from the first generation S4 models.
More precise, well balanced, and extremely comfortable to work with for long hours. These are a game changer around the studio for sure.


With these headphones, we had no leakage at all. That was brilliant. And surprisingly they're also suitable for mixing actually, which I thought is actually impossible with closed-back phones.


My recordings sound better and more alive. Because of the closed construction I can use a larger dynamic range and the smallest
details and nuances are perfectly audible. The S4R has become indispensable in my studio.


The speakers are matched in the lab in 100-unit batches using an automated process that has been perfected over the last 5 years of research. This process includes frequency domain analysis, which is more complete than just SPL analysis.


Front of the speaker cavity is sealed off from the back of the speaker. In principal it's similar to a closed guitar or bass speaker cabinet. This design produces a smoother frequency response and separation of low-end to the mid frequencies.


The cable is designed with an OFC core that delivers the original signal without harmonic or other audible distortion. The silicone finish makes it less microphonic than braided cables and easier to handle.

Studio headphones HPS S4X earpads

The earpads are directly responsible for the acoustic coupling impedance between the headphones and your ears and hence greatly affect the frequency response. They are a hybrid of velour padding on the area that touches your skin and artificial leather. This provides a smooth low-end reproduction with controlled flow resistance through velour coupling.


The headband is made of stainless steel and is designed to withstand heavy usage. If necessary it can be replaced using home tools.

S4X series stainless steel headband kit
Built to last

These are not made out of plastic. Headband is made out of stainless steel, wooden cups are CNC machined American walnut and the backplates are aluminium.

Studio recording class closed-back, dynamic headphones with enhanced clarity and USC calibration, made in the EU.


  • Hand-picked and left / right matched transducers delivering accuracy and instrument separation. (+/-1dB SPL tolerance, pink noise, range 100Hz-10kHz in free field)
  • 50 mm, PET 25u membrane, 2-layered coil, 32 ohms,
  • Dynamic Neodymium speaker with 109dBSPL (S4X) / 111dBSPL (S4R) 1Vrms@1KHz 30ohm output that makes them work with smart devices too.
  • Replaceable using home tools.


  • Replaceable earpads with an outer diameter of 90 mm(3.5inch), an inner diameter of 55mm(2.2inch) and a depth of 20mm(0.8inch).
  • Hybrid artificial leather and velour earpads to control flow resistance around the earpads seal resulting in smoother response in low mids and mids (150Hz-1kHz) perceived as natural timbre on vocals, pianos, strings,...
  • 1kHz @ 85dBSPL sweep THD < 0.084%S4X / 0.079%S4R , Variation in frequency response in band from 20Hz to 20kHz ~13,7 dB SPL S4X / 10,0dB SPL S4R, pink noise IEC 60318-1 compatible standard.
  • Fully separated front and back of the speaker for minimal phase cancellation and a more direct sound signature. SoundSeal™


  • Self-adjusting artificial leather strap
  • Clamping force set for most neutral frequency response on industry-standard bitragional diameter of 14.3cm (KEMAR)
  • Stainless spring steel powder coated
  • 360 earcups rotation
  • Strap and steel are replaceable using home tools


  • Detachable braided silicone cable employing OFC core to ensure minimal signal distortion.
  • Colour labelled L and R (Left is Black)
  • Reversible to have the cable coming down behind your back when playing an instrument or in front when producing with a desktop interface.

Unit Specific Calibration plugin included. AU and VST3. Upgrading with the Waves NX room modelling and head tracking available.

5 years limited warranty (Earpads and cable are excluded due to the nature of exposure)

Explore how the S5X, S4X/R compare to the other popular studio headphones in a full report including IEC 60318-1 & 4 ear simulator standards.

Download PDF

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 B stock items are sonically exactly the same as A stock but with minor scratches on backplates or headband. Some are built from wood leftovers. As mentioned, sonically, they perform exactly the same, only cosmetics are not perfect.

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We’re aware that being at the beginning of the audio profession can be hard, so we have an option to support all the audio-related students and teachers with a 25% discount on our headphones. To get the discount, please reach out to us with your student or teacher ID via this form, so we can check your inquiry and grant you the discount.


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OLLO Audio ltd offers a 5-year limited warranty to the S4 and S5 series of headphones. For the first two years, OLLO Audio provides a full warranty where the only exceptions are the cable and the ear pads. We cover all the costs of repair and shipping costs both ways. Excluded are custom duties. Depending on your location, there might be a way to void these as well. For the subsequent years, OLLO Audio offers a limited warranty, covering repair costs (cable and earpads are not included) and excluding shipping costs both ways.


Read more about 5-year limited warranty in OLLO Audio Manual.



Fill out the form with Help Desk. Get your invoices ready. After you submit a claim, we'll contact you with further information. Typically we'll respond in 48 hrs. We will generally order a DHL pick up at the address of your choice and inspect the headphones in our lab. After the headphones are fixed, we will ship them back to you with regular posts. In case you need your headphones back faster, you can contact us at info@olloaudio.com to order DHL express shipping (costs 24,90€). 



In the trial period of 90 days, we offer a full purchase refund. The process is explained in detail here.



Mobile: 00386 69 712 841

Email: info@olloaudio.com

S4R 1.3 version is acoustically identical to the 1.2 version but with the USC calibration plugin included. This improves their flat frequency response from ~2dB down to ~1dB tolerance using DSP.

S4R tuning was developed with clarity in mind. That is to deliver accurate monitoring for recording and podcasting sessions. Mids-forward tuning is welcomed in monitoring for details and dynamics. Both of these are crucial when you’re recording instruments or vocals at the highest level.

The S5X are specifically tuned for spatial audio mixing with a brighter character that helps with 360 positioning and movements of 3D binauralised audio (e.g., Dolby Atmos). They are also open back, so not comparable with the S4R.

Regarding S4R vs S4X tuning, the S4X are slightly darker sounding and warm. They represent how a common room will sound. That, together with acoustics properties, makes them a staple in over 10,000 studios worldwide for mixing and producing in stereo.

Keep in mind, the S4R are a closed back design to provide isolation and tuned to provide required level of clarity for monitoring when recording instruments and vocals or podcasts.

E-mail: support@olloaudio.com

Phone: 00386 69 712 841 (Whatsapp supported)




Available on Amazon, Thomann, Gear4Music, Bax, Muziker and many local resellers.

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Yes. They are 30ohm impedance, so they will play loud with smart devices and laptops too.

Well yes :) That's the good news. The bad is that they are not designed as a 2 in 1 headphones. So this operation will create a weak joints if you do this more than a few times. Naturally, warranty will be voided too.

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The S4X are the open back alternative to the S4R