We're all about flat sound.

Calibrate your OLLOs & expand your monitoring options with the Waves NX room modelling plugins.

Upgrade is available for S5X 1.0, S4X 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and S4R 1.1, 1.2.
It's Included by default with the latest S4&S5 editions.



All our headphones are acustically flat-tuned to ~2dB tolerance out of the box. With the help of software we are now able to fine-tune every unit individually to ~1dB tolerance from the target cuve. That's better than any generic correction softwares out-there operating within +/-3dB to Harman target or similar.

USC calibration -  BETA RELEASE

USC calibration - BETA RELEASE

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Upgrading for current owners of

The unit-specific calibration file comes with the USC plugin. It's a calibration upgrade for current OLLO owners. When buying new unit or additional units, the USC is already included with the S5X 1.1, S4X 1.3 and S4R 1.3 versions, so this upgrade is only for previous versions.

The USC plugin calibrates your headphones and the Waves Nx plugins expand your monitoring options with room models of the greatest studios ever built.

You can run them in a chain or just one or the other. Keep in mind that for the full experience we recommend both plugins and the head tracker. 


These are custom made calibration files for your specific unit. It takes a few days for our engineers to create and verify the file. You will receive USC calibration files via e-mail, once they're ready.

Remember to write your headphone's serial number in the cart notes when purchasing your USC upgrade for your specific unit.

BETA RELEASE - This software is in testing with final users. It may not work on all system configurations. Download includes Windows and Mac plugins AU&VST.


VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. 
AU is Apple's Audio Units plugin technology.

Steinberg Releases New VST 3.7 SDK – YamahaMusicians.com Apple – Logos Download

1. Select the model you're upgrading (you already own)

2. Add to cart and write the SERIAL No. in the cart order notes, without it delivery will be prolonged.

3. Process your order and wait for an e-mail with download link to your copy of the plugin

4. USC file is made individually for every customer and will be delivered via e-mail in 2-3 days

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add-on studio rooms

Upgrade USC with the Waves Nx head tracking and the best sounding control rooms on the planet

Abbey Road NX

Abbey Road NX

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Studio 3 is an amazing place. If you don't have access to a professional room then what better room to emulate on headphones, than the legendary Studio 3 at Abbey Road.

Paired with calibrated headphones this NX plugin will deliver consistent mixing results at the highest levels.


Abbey Road has set a standard of excellence for decades, and mixing there is an experience only a few can have—until now. Thanks to advanced 3D acoustics modeling and carefully calibrated OLLO headphones you’ll be transported to mixing stereo or surround projects in a truly historic control room
Waves Nx uses channel crosstalk, inter-aural delays (ITD), filters (ILD), early reflections, and head motion tracking to replicate the immersive experience of hearing audio in the real world. All these are coupled with precision measurements of the acoustic response at the physical Abbey Road Studio 3 control room, to faithfully deliver the original monitoring experience.
The Abbey Road Studio 3 control room was designed by the world’s greatest acoustic experts, to provide the ultimate mixing environment. Contemporary mixes and remixes of the Beatles and Pink Floyd, modern classics by Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and more—all were perfected at Abbey Road Studio 3.




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Waves Nx® spatial imaging technology recreates the control room of one of the most successful audio engineers of all time. Chris Lord-Alge’s Mix LA studio acoustics and monitoring options paired with USC calibrated headphones will put you in the hot seat.


CLA Nx creates a three-dimensional soundfield that feels—and sounds—like you’re mixing in CLA’s high-end mix room. Check your mixes on Chris’s NS10-modeled and custom Ocean Way studio monitors or boombox.

Headphones are a convenient way to balance a mix, but they are limited in their ability to represent how sound scape translates to speakers. The CLA NX will simulate the same options Chris is having.

For personal adjustment of the 3D effect to your head/ear anatomy, enter your personal head measurements into the plugin’s head anatomy calibration section.

Germano NX

Germano NX

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Originally known as The Hit Factory, Germano studios in New York City have churned out hit after hit from the 1970s to this day. Serving rock, hip hop, and R&B’s elite—from David Bowie and Stevie Wonder to Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna—the Hit Factory’s big, modern sound has earned it a place of honor in the history of recording.


This studio was designed to deliver the punch of a night club if you so desired. Exigy custom-designed speakers from SGD and Troy Germano, classic NS-10M and Germano Acoustics AEON 2.

Giants from Stevie Wonder, the Rolling Stones, and Notorious B.I.G. to Kendrick Lamar have had their music recorded and mixed in New York City’s Hit Factory, later renamed Germano Studios.

Germano is known for its exemplary surround monitoring. This plugin includes surround monitoring as well. Check how your mix reflect surround placements.

Ocean Way NX

Ocean Way NX

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Designed by founder Allen Sides, Ocean Way Nashville’s control rooms are the pinnacle of acoustic design and studio monitoring. Now, the studio’s state-of-the-art acoustics and monitors are perfectly recreated with USC calibrated OLLO headphones and NX immersive technology.


To create stellar mixes, you need a stellar mixing environment. The Nx Ocean Way plugin replicates the acoustics and monitoring systems built by no other than Allen Sides.

Supervised and fine-tuned by Allen himself, the Nx Ocean Way plugin is a breakthrough in accurate immersive modeling of this stellar acoustic environment.

Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, James Bay, Tom Waits, Niall Horan) has this to say: "The Waves Nx Ocean Way system is a real asset for getting the feel of a speaker environment while working in a headphone-only situation. I really find it helpful when working remotely outside my studio."

Virtual room

Virtual room

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This is the basic NX room with a unique feature of bypassing the room emulation to only listen to traditional headphones mix with calibration enabled or disabled. Further more, you can change the location of speakers and tweek the ambience to match it with whatever room you're used to check your mixes in.

A must-have in your toolbox.


With the virtual room you can bypass room emulation and only listen to OLLO calibrated stereo playback for your pair. Quickly check translation between speakers and headphones.


Monitor stereo, surround, and Ambisonics B-format in your customized virtual mix room by dialing in slightly wetter or drier ambience. For personal adjustment of the 3D effect to your head/ear anatomy, enter your personal head measurements into the plugin’s head anatomy calibration section.


For the ultimate in realism, track head motion so that as you move your head, the sound changes as if you were moving your head in the studio. Track with your computer’s camera and Head Tracker for full immersion (rotation + moving closer or away from speakers).

NX Head Tracker

NX Head Tracker

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Designed and developed by Waves Audio. This bluetooth head tracker mounts to the headband of any headphones and connects to the NX family of plugins. It provides real-time information about the position of your head.  It is required to accurately emulate HRTF psychoacoustics with DSP. Or as our friend Steven would say, with binaural technology.

In combination with a webcam it provides higher resolution of movements and even lateral movements. For example, getting closer to the speakers or moving away from them. 

Calibration with room modeling and a head tracker is the closest you can get to a perfectly calibrated and emulated studio environment on headphones. First class audio magic, period.


No, not at all. We'd recommend you demo all the rooms and then choose one or two favourites. It's better to have head tracker than another room.

You can try all the rooms by downloading them from the Waves Central. Licence will be sent to you after you complete the purchase. Once delivered, refunds are no longer possible. If you have questions about this, reach to support.

For engineers working in great rooms, there's little benefits using room emulation. But there's still huge benefit with using USC calibration file and even room emulations if you guest work in many studios. It will make you room independant. You can guest mix in any studio with confidence.

Yes. Waves Audio offers demo versions (try demo before purchasing) but as calibration is required for the test, we offer 7 days trial period after which USC returns are no longer possible.

In case you own NX or have a subscription with Waves, you just need to buy the USC file to go with your OLLO Headphones. We'd recommend head tracker in case you don't have it yet.

Yes. You can purchase the headphones with USC and add on any or all of the Waves Nx rooms. Refunds for delivered digital goods are not possible.

Use Waves download central to get demo versions. The USC file is delivered via e-mail after purchase. You can get the USC first and then after demoing the Waves NX buy the rooms you like.

Waves uses Harman target curve for tuning headphones. Also, they include generic EQ that is not a unit specific EQ. Best case tolerances are within +/-3dB, similar to other correction softwares.

The USC is a calibration file made for your specific unit. It's super fine tuned to 1dB tolerance by playing pink noise through a live EQ until the frequency response on the IEC60318-4 ear simulator is matched to the target curve for your headphones model within +/-1dB 1/3oct RTA smoothing.

In short, more than twice as accurate as generic correction solutions.