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Is DHL EXPRESS shipping the only shipping option?

DHL shipping (2-3 days in Europe and 5-7 days in USA) is currently the only shipping option due to Covid 19 restrictions. Travel ban does not affect cargo shipments in EU or USA. All packages are delivered normally.

Standard shipping has been canceled as EU postal services are currently limited.

How does the payment work?

All you need is a PayPal account. We use the PayPal instalment plan to capture the first payment of 99€ + DHL shipping at 24,90€. If you decide to keep the headphones, a set of 12 monthly instalments of 15,90€ will be set in motion. If you choose to return them, the instalment plan will be canceled, and you will be refunded the deposit of 99€ and any later instalments that might go through before return process is complete.

What if I want to try more than just one product?

If you want to try more products, you have to go through the process for each one. So for every product, a trial deposit of 99€ + shipping will be made.

When does the 30 day trial start?

The trial period starts on the day of delivery, so you have a full 30 days to give them a proper test ride. We have tracking of all our shipments.

Can I use instalment plan for B-Stock models too?

Unfortunatley no. It's a pre-set PayPal service for A stock items only.

I just ordered but never entered my delivery details, what now?

When you order using Instalment option via PayPal we take the delivery details and e-mail as your order ID directly from PayPal servers. You will receive an email with all details. Please check them carefully! In case you did not receive an email, please check the spam folder of the email you use with PayPal first, then contact us at if you can't find it. Please let us know transaction ID from your PayPal account in that case. Thanks.