A few years ago I was busy mixing my band's music for the launch of a new CD. The deadline was approaching fast so I was in a rush to finish on time. I worked late at night in my home studio which was next door to our bedroom. My wife and one year old twins were already in bed.

On the very first night the noise of drums and bass woke them at least five times. You can imagine how happy my wife was after a sleepless night. So, to calm the waters, I tried mixing with headphones on the following evening, but I quickly realized that they were useless as I couldn't feel the low rumble and sub-bass in my chest. It is just impossible to mix kick and bass on any headphones.

(picture 2016, prototyping first ever OLLO headphones)

OLLO Audio founder Rok Gulič

The next morning I went to my day job but couldn't concentrate on my work. All day I was searching for a quiet alternative to my audio monitors, something that would support mixing low frequencies. Although I didn't find any ready made solutions I did discover "tactile sound" technology which allows you to listen with your whole body without any noise in the room, without disturbing anyone! That made me wonder if I could make some device at home that would act as a tactile generator. You can just imagine what I was doing the next weekend. I took a used speaker, pulled off the membrane and mounted the coil directly on my chair. Boom! I will never forget the feeling and the smile when I first experienced body sound. I immediately realized that I need to imptove on it. And so it all began!

The OLLO Audio idea was born that night and produced the very first mix, which was completely silent for my family but full of low frequency rumble in my body. I made the very first prototype for mixing on headphones - just as if I were in a studio.

Now we are developing products that go beyond simple stereo mixing. We are researching 3D surround and VR for the next generation of products.

The Godfather