Headphones version identifier

Change log provides an overview of the different versions of the S4X, S4R, and S5X studio headphones models along with the specific changes made in each version.

S4 Base model - with two rods in the arch headband, red earpads inside.
S4X 1.0 Original model
S4X 1.1 Cable position changed to angled. You can have cable going behind your back if you're playing keyboards or guitars.
S4X 1.2 Female plugs changed for PCB integrated, updated cable reverse compatible. Improved durability of connections.
S4X 1.3 Acoustically the same as the 1.2 version but now with unit specific calibration plugin included.
S4R 1.0 Original version, based on S4 model (not the S4X) with rods made arch for headband
S4R 1.1 Update based on S4X model. Improved headband and acoustics.
S4R 1.2 Female plugs changed for PCB integrated board for improved durability and signal consistency. Cable updated to match S4X that is also reverse compatible with previous versions.
1.2 sound comment: Slight adaptation of target curves, some users may notice it in direct A B comparisons. Visible in measurements report published online.
S4R 1.3 Same as S4R 1.2 acoustically but with unit specific calibration plugin included.
S5X 1.0 Original model. Improved soundstage with angled speakers and lower THD, 50Ohm speakers and tuned to support immersive mixing along traditional stereo mixing.
S5X 1.1 Same as S5X 1.0 but with calibration plugin included.

Below you can find the identifier tool for a direct version lookup. It's based on the serial number that you can locate on the Certificate of Authenticity or the Calibration Certificate, depending on your headphone model.

Alternatively, you can find the serial number by removing the earpads. It's written on a sticker on the earpad holder.

Launch Version identifier HERE