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User manual S5X

Feature Specification
Speaker size 50mm
Frequency range* 15 Hz - 22 kHz sweep 1/3 oct p-p range (+/-1) 12 dBSPL
SPL/sensitivity* 106 dBSPL @ 1kHz RMS @ 0 dBu
Impedance ~50 ohm - smart devices ready
Ear pads diameter 95mm
Ear pads material Acoustic foam, extra elasticity poly leather and velour
Ear cups material American walnut
Headband material Stainless steel and nautical artificial leather
Cable termination Detachable 2 meters long Y 2.5mm mini jack
Connector 3.5mm jack with an adapter to 6.3mm jack
Weight 420 g (0.9 lb)
Magnet type Neodymium
Transducer type Dynamic
Coil 2 layered
Membrane material PET 25u
Speakers pairing Matched speakers*
International warranty 5-year limited warranty
Trial period 90 days from delivery date when purchased directly from OLLO Audio
*data capturing standard IEC 60318-1 sweep signal source, 100Hz-10kHz tolerance +/- 1dB, USC calibration disabled