EP 26 Do videographers care about audio?

EP 26 Do videographers care about audio?

In this OLLO life episode, Rok takes his assumptions about the audio needs of videographers to the test by talking to the founder of MuviMedia, mr, Uroš Rojc. The assumption is that spoken word is the one main think videographers monitor for.

They touch on field recording, lavalier mics, shotgun mics, and budget headphones vs studio level and they conclude that OLLO headphones scare videographers by being too revealing.

Field recording with S4R

Editing videos with S4X and S5X for surround sound projects

0:40 Assumptions about audio monitoring for video creators
1:20 Proof Rok's not a video creator
1:55 Importance of monitoring audio when making videos
3:20 How to avoid Wi Fi interference with wireless Lavalier mics
4:05 OLLO Audio is a blessing and a curse for videographers
5:00 Noisy environment monitoring
5:55 Shotguns mics wins
6:50 Comfort is really important for video professionals
7:40 Concludind that OLLO headphones are scary for video creators

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